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Shower Services in Clearwater and Pinellas County

At Clearwater Bathroom Remodels, we understand that having a functional and stylish shower is essential to any home or business. That’s why we offer a range of shower services in Clearwater and Pinellas County that cater to all your needs. With over a decade of experience, our team of experts has the knowledge and expertise to source and install the perfect shower for your space.


Our shower services include installing all types and sizes of showers for domestic and commercial customers. Whether you need a new shower installed in your home or office, we have the skills and tools to ensure that the job is done right the first time. We use the latest tools and techniques to install the shower to your specifications and needs.


No matter the size of the job, we can handle small repairs to large-scale replacement. We have the expertise and experience to install showers of any size, from small en-suite showers to large commercial facilities. We understand that each customer has unique requirements, so we work with you to ensure that your new shower meets your needs.


Our shower experts are always on hand to ensure that the installation process runs as smoothly as possible. They are highly trained and experienced in all aspects of shower installation and use their expertise to ensure you get the best service possible.


At Clearwater Bathroom Remodels, we are committed to providing our customers with the best shower services in Clearwater and Pinellas County. We are dedicated to ensuring you get the shower of your dreams and go above and beyond to ensure you are satisfied with our work.


So if you’re looking for the best shower services in Clearwater and Pinellas County, look at Clearwater Bathroom Remodels. Call us today at our phone number or fill out our online inquiry form to schedule a consultation and get started on your new shower installation.

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Choose a Shower Style That’s Right for You

When choosing a shower, many different styles and types exist to consider. Each type of shower has unique features and benefits that may be better suited to your needs. Let’s look at some of the most popular types of showers and what they offer.

An electric shower is a shower that only needs a cold water supply and an electricity supply to function. One of the key benefits of electric showers is that they instantly heat the water, so there is no need for a hot water storage tank or cylinder. Additionally, the temperature of the water can be easily adjusted using a dial on the shower unit, allowing you to mix the cold and hot water to your desired temperature.


Electric showers are excellent for customers who want a simple and cost-effective showering solution. They are also ideal for homes that don’t have access to a traditional hot water system or for customers who want to save on energy bills by only heating the water they need. Electric showers offer convenience, efficiency, and ease of use, making them popular with many customers.

A mixer shower is a type of shower that requires a hot and cold water supply to be mixed to provide the perfect temperature for your shower. The water is typically heated in a hot water tank, and there is no need for an electricity supply. With independent handles on the shower, you can easily mix the hot and cold water to your desired temperature.


One of the critical benefits of mixer showers is their simplicity and ease of use. They are easy to install and operate, making them a popular choice for homeowners. Additionally, they are cost-effective, as they do not require an electricity supply, which can lead to lower energy bills.


Mixer showers are also versatile, as they can be used with various water systems, including high-pressure and low-pressure systems. This makes them an excellent option for households with different types of plumbing.

A power shower is a type of shower that uses an electric pump to boost the flow rate of water from hot and cold water supplies. The water is usually heated in a hot tank and pumped through the shower unit. The key features of power showers include a high flow rate, adjustable pressure, and temperature control.


The main benefit of a power shower is that it delivers a powerful and invigorating shower experience. It is ideal for those with low water pressure in their homes, as the electric pump boosts the flow rate of the water. Power showers also offer greater control over the temperature and pressure of the water, which can be adjusted to suit individual preferences.

Digital showers are a modern and innovative alternative to traditional showers. They are designed to provide an authentic and personalized showering experience. Unlike traditional showers, digital showers require a hot and cold water supply, usually heated in a hot water tank. They also need an electricity source to operate the SMART temperature dial and to connect the shower to a smartphone or other smart device to control it.


The key features and benefits of digital showers include convenience, customization, and energy efficiency. With digital showers, customers can control the water temperature and flow rate and set a timer for their showers. They can also pre-set their preferred water temperature, which saves time and energy. Additionally, digital showers provide a sleek, modern design that complements any bathroom decor.

A white bathroom with a sink and shower.

Why Install a Shower?

Installing a new shower in your home can bring a range of benefits. Not only can it improve the functionality of your bathroom, but it can also add value to your property and enhance your overall living experience. Let’s look closely at some reasons you should consider installing a shower.

Showers are much more desirable than bathtubs for their practicality and style. They are ideal for those with busy lifestyles who need a quick and efficient way to get clean. Showers are also much more accessible than bathtubs, making them better for those with mobility issues or disabilities.


If you’re considering selling your property in the future, having a shower can significantly increase its desirability to potential buyers. Showers are in high demand among modern homebuyers, and having one installed can make your home more attractive and valuable. Studies have shown that adding a new shower to a home can increase its resale value by up to 20%.

One of the most significant advantages of installing a shower in your home is the potential for reduced utility bills. Showers use much less water than traditional bathtubs, which can help you save on your water and energy bills.


While a bathtub can use a whole tank of heated water for single use, multiple people can use a shower without using nearly as much water. This can help you conserve water and reduce energy usage, translating into savings on your monthly bills.


In addition to reducing your water usage, installing a new shower can help you save on your energy bills. Many modern shower systems are designed to be energy-efficient, using less water and energy to provide the same level of performance as older models. This means you can enjoy a comfortable shower experience without worrying about high energy costs.

Another benefit of installing a shower in your home is the extra space that it can provide. Showers typically take up much less space in the bathroom than traditional bathtubs, making them a better choice for smaller bathrooms or for those who want to maximize their space.


Furthermore, showers can be customized to suit your specific needs and preferences. They come in various sizes and styles and can be designed to fit seamlessly into any bathroom. Whether you want a small, compact shower or a spacious walk-in design, options are available to suit your needs.


Unlike bathtubs, which often require much space and can be more challenging to install in certain areas, showers can be used in bathrooms of all sizes. This means that you have more flexibility and freedom when it comes to designing and renovating your bathroom.

One of the most significant advantages of installing a shower in your home is its ease of access. Showers are generally much easier to access than traditional bathtubs, making them more suitable for people with mobility or disability issues.


Shower designs can be customized with features such as grab rails and bars, shower seats, and other accessibility options to make them more comfortable and safe. This can be especially important for elderly or disabled individuals who may require additional support while showering.


In addition to their accessibility features, showers can provide a more convenient and time-efficient bathing experience. Unlike bathtubs, which require you to fill them up with water before use, showers can be turned on and used immediately. This can be especially helpful for those who need more time or who want to get in and out of the bathroom quickly.

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Frequently Asked Questions

The time it takes to install a shower can vary depending on the shower type and the installation’s complexity. Generally, a professional installation can take a few hours to a full day.

The lifespan of a shower can vary depending on its quality and frequency of use. However, on average, a shower can last anywhere from 10 to 15 years. If your shower is experiencing frequent breakdowns or has significant damage, it may be time for a replacement.

Use warm water and vinegar or mild soap to clean your shower effectively. Avoid using harsh chemicals or abrasive materials that can damage the surface of your shower. It’s also essential to clean your shower regularly to prevent mold and mildew buildup.

Yes, showers can be customized to fit your bathroom size, style, and preference. From the type of shower head to the shape and size of the shower enclosure, numerous options exist to create a shower that perfectly fits your needs.

Proper installation and regular maintenance are vital to preventing leaks in your shower. Make sure to have your shower installed by a professional, use quality materials, and regularly check for any signs of damage or wear. Periodically cleaning your shower can also prevent the buildup of mineral deposits that can lead to leaks.

Professional Shower Installation Near Me

At Clearwater Bathroom Remodels, we offer professional shower installation services to homeowners in the greater Clearwater area and Pinellas County. Our experienced technicians are dedicated to providing you with top-quality workmanship and exceptional customer service. Whether you’re looking to update your bathroom with a new shower or replace an old one, we’ve got you covered.


Our service areas include:


  • St. Petersburg
  • Largo
  • Pinellas Park
  • Dunedin
  • East Lake
  • Tarpon Springs
  • Seminole
  • Safety Harbor
  • Oldsmar
  • Gulfport
  • St. Pete Beach
  • Treasure Island
  • South Pasadena
  • Kenneth City
  • Palm Harbor
  • Belleair
  • Belleair Bluffs
  • Redington Shores
  • Redington Beach
  • Indian Rocks Beach
  • Holiday
  • Indian Shores
  • Harbor Bluffs

If you’re in any of these areas and need a shower installed, give us a call or fill out our inquiry form. We’ll happily provide you with a free quote and answer any questions. Don’t hesitate to contact us today and let us help you create the bathroom of your dreams!

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